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welded wire mesh

what is welded wire mesh:
Welded wire mesh is not often heard in life, but there are many places around the welded wire mesh. Welded wire mesh is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire using the welding technology. Then it can be processed again. It can be hot-plated and cold-plated. It can also be used for hot-plating with heating. The pvc material is plasticized. 

Welded wire mesh use:
Welded wire meshes are widely used, but they are also used in different industries and different places. Many times, names are named for use or use. Therefore, the use of welded wire meshes has many different uses. It can be called a welded wire mesh, a zinc-plated welded wire mesh, or a galvanized welded wire mesh. There is also an external wall insulation barbed wire, which is used only for thermal insulation and is usually placed on the outside of the wall to reduce the emission of heat. 
Welded wire meshes are also called wire meshes. Simply defined from the surface material, the main material is steel. This is the simplest method. The product is used to define the product. There is also called a screen, as the name suggests is used to filter things, can be made into sieves, used to select high quality or poor quality crops on crops. There is also a network of buildings, which can be used on buildings and can be used on the outskirts to surround buildings that are to be started. Dangerous goods can be placed and wounded to injure pedestrians. Crack prevention nets, decorative nets, etc.

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